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Welcome to ‘Sconnie Brown Dogs!  This site is dedicated to Wisconsin’s state dog the American Water Spaniel. 
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Did you know that Wisconsin has a State Dog?

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When a good friend asked for help with a ‘little project’, I didn’t know it would grow into a lifelong hobby.  Putting this together has been one of those ‘someday’ projects, always there – but never sure where to begin.   Recent technology for both genetic testing and database management seemed to align and say – if not now, when?   

So without further ado, here it is…  a complete and searchable online pedigree database of American Water Spaniels!!   

The only way data is useful is if it’s readily available.  The goal of this site is to host the most accurate and comprehensive database of American Water Spaniels to help ensure that the future of our AWS is healthy and robust.