The AWS Record

The AWS Record!

Do you think your American Water Spaniel holds The Record?  Tell us about it!

Bring in the ‘deets and it’ll stand – until it falls!!   At any time The Record can be challenged! The only catch – the Challenger has to follow the exact same rules as the Record Setter.  No ya-buts.  Nope.  None. 😉  Has to be exactly the same.

  • Have the most obedience HIT’s in American Water Spaniel history?  Provide the dates and scores, you set the bar – let’s see if anyone can beat it! 
  • Have the most points in a single performance event?  Sounds AWSome!
  • Oldest or Youngest American Water Spaniel to earn a (YouNameIt) title?  Alright! 
  • Fastest landspeed clocked at a dog fair? American Water Spaniels sure are fast!
  • Hunters!  You set the parameters!  Game, number of hunters, location, time period.
  • Counter Surfer Extraordinaire!  A loaf of bread?  Entire sammich?  The whole roast?  American Water Spaniels are hungry!
  • American Water Spaniels are known for some fun hairdo’s – but who has the longest, craziest topknot?! 
  • Dirtiest, rottenest thief! Stole what?!  from where!?
  • AWS-shred destroyed what?

And if it’s not exactly the same…then it just might be – A brand NEW Record!!!

Disclaimer – The Record has to have some means to be verified and/or be reproduced.  Challenges and  more subjective records may be decided by an online vote.    Sometimes The Record is going to also be an AWS First, and that’s just extra AWSome!