AWS Galleries

American Water Spaniel Galleries

Every American Water Spaniel is special.  

Here’s a place to recognize and remember them.

3 american water spaniels sitting on a deck

Just Brown Dogs

A gallery of just brown dogs

Shooters Gallery

A place to share all of those AWSome hunting photos!


Each one takes a piece of our heart when they go.

The Firsts!

This page is to recognize those pioneering AWS that are The First to earn a title in any activity recognized by a dog registry or dog sport organization that requires registration to record a new title.

The Record!

Do you think your AWS holds The Record? Tell us about it! Bring in the 'deets and it'll stand - until it falls!! At any time The Record can be challenged! The only catch - the Challenger has to follow the exact same rules as the Record Setter. No Ya-buts. Nope. None. 😉 Has to be exactly the same.