The Collection by Author

Heartland Hunter
Dog Fancy
Eve Adamson
June 2003

Moving Ahead with the American Water Spaniel
AKC Gazette
Ivy Ainsworth
June 1990

American Originals
Dog Fancy
Nona Kilgore Bauer
July 1996

American Water Spaniel is fancier than he first appears
LaCrosse Tribune
Betsy Bloom
October 8, 2012

Spaniel Of The Lakes
AKC Gazette
Kerrin Winter Churchill
December 2006

Don’t Overlook The American Water Spaniel
Hunting Dog
Bill Cochran
June 1969

An American Water Spaniel in Grouse Country
Sporting Classics Daily
Tom Davis
July 30, 2020

The Forgotten American
Outdoor Life
David Duffey
June 1961

The Neglected American
Outdoor Life
David Duffey
November 1968

All American Water Spaniels
Bird Dog News
Dave Duffey 
Nov/Dec 1992

American Born & Bred
Bird Dog & Retriever News
Dave Duffey
April/May 2007

The Best  Hunting Dog & Companion
Aaron Field
June 13, 2021

The Water Spaniel: An All Around Dog
Randall Frahm
April 1986

American Water Spaniel Club Stays the Course
Gun Dog
Randy Frahm
August / September 1992

The Americans Are Back!
Bird Dog & Retriever News
Dennis Guldan
June/July 2006

A Talk with Jane & George Christiansen of Night Hawk Kennels
Bird Dog & Retriever News
Dennis Guldan
April/May 2014

That Little Brown Spaniel
Outdoor Life
A.F. Hochwalt
July 1934

American Water Spaniel
Bob Beckett’s Illustrated Dog Digest
Karl Hinz

The Latest Breed Recognized Is An Old Sporting Dog
Kennel Club Gazette
Arthur Frederick Jones
September 1940

Breed Profile – American Water Spaniel
Gun Dog
Jim Lasley
December 3, 2015

Some Pretty Good Dogs
Sporting Classics Daily
Scott Linden
October 27, 2021

Home-Made Hunting Dogs
Field & Stream
Freeman Lloyd & Horace Lytle
August 1941

The Damnation of Zeke
Gun Dog
Jack Maloney
February / March 1993

Not Just Another Dog
Wildfowl Magazine
Gary March
November 3, 2010

Near Duck Hunting Tragedy on the Pend Oreielle River
Wildfowl Magazine
Gary March
March 7, 2011

Editorial – The American Water Spaniel
Gun Dog
Richard E. Massey
September 2019

The American Water Spaniel…America’s Own
Spaniel Journal
Paul Morrison

Water Spaniels Compete at National Field Trials
Duluth News Tribune
John Meyers
August 19, 2018

Wolf River Kennels Give American Brown Spaniel Rating as a Standard Breed
New London Republican
Staff (Pfeifer/Trambauer)
February 19, 1925

The American Brown Water Spaniel
Dog World
F.J. Pfeifer
March 1926

Getting to Know The American Water Spaniel
Canine Chronicle
Cheslie Pickett
January 27, 2014

A Tribute to the American Water Spaniel
Gun Dog
John Randall
October / November 1993

The American Water Spaniel
Wisconsin Sportsman
Wendell Smith
January / February 1974

The American Water Spaniel: Yankee Doodle Dandy
HUP! Training Flushing Spaniels the American Way
James Spencer
Alpine Publishing 1992, 2001

Easy to Love…Hard to Classify
Gun Dog
James Spencer
September 23, 2010

Homegrown Retrievers
Wildfowl Magazine
James B. Spencer
November 3, 2010

Breed Profile: The American Water Spaniel
Gun Dog
James Spencer
July 10, 2012

The American Water Spaniel
AKC Gazette
August 1976

Made in Wisconsin: The American Water Spaniel
Outdoor News
January 2, 2004

Meet The Breeds – Born in the USA
AKC Family Dog
Bronwyn Taggert
July / August 2007

The Battle For Statehood
AKC Family Dog
Michael Taylor
July / August 2007

The Little Brown Duck Dog
Delta Waterfowl
Paul Wait
March 2018

The AWS – A Lightweight Champ Regaining Recognition
Ducks Unlimited
J. Willis Wesley
November / December 1979

The Neglected Retriever
Scottie Westfall
September 3, 2010

The American Spaniel
Dr F.J. Pfeifer