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This project is dedicated to the idea that accessible information is in the best interest of  breeders, owners, and most of all for the future of the American Water Spaniel breed.  It is hoped this site can be used by both breeders and supporters to help promote our wonderful breed and ensure that the future of our AWS continues to be healthy and robust.

This database is for all American Water Spaniels not only those used for breeding. 

 Having as much data as possible is great for research.  Raw data on things like lifespan and medical conditions like allergies, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, and cryptorchidism are not currently available for the AWS population.  This tool gives us the opportunity to collect and create data sets for future analysis.  The support of our breeders and owners is necessary for this project to be really successful.

The future for the AWS is moving Forward!

American Water Spaniel illustrated standard

About PAWS Database

This is an independent project not owned or managed by any club or registry.  The database is a work in progress and is sourced by information available in the public domain or contributed by interested parties.  The information listed on PAWS Data is offered in good faith, but please realize there may be errors.  If you have suggested corrections please let us know.

This database is not a registry.  When using PAWS Data for research, please remember this is just a collection of information and it is not intended to be a substitute for that provided by your registry, the owner, and/or breeder. 

Please note – data is data, and it might not always be flattering.  PAWS Data is about presenting information, facts for review and research.  The intent of this project is to have a reliable and unbiased resource that is easy to access. It is hoped that we can all use this tool and work together for the future of the breed we love.

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Would you like to help expand this database?

The database is updated regularly, but not instantly.  If you would like to have your dog added to the database or have updates on existing dogs, please use this link:

The goal is every record with a photo!  Please use this link to submit a photo for your dogs PAWS record.   Your dog does not need to be registered to be included in the database.

Navigating PAWS Database

What do all the colors mean?

This indicates a repeated ancestor, different colors per the number of instances.  

Naming Conventions

Registered names are recorded to the best of our knowledge, please let us know if you see a correction is needed. 

Duplicate names when unavoidable are identified (1), (2), etc.

For non registered dogs if the breeder is known, the breeder’s name or kennel name is used to preface the call name.  If the breeder is not known, the owners last name and call name will be used.   Whenever possible, the owner of the dog will chose how it should be recorded.  

Titles Abbreviations / Conventions

Title Abbreviations follow the offering organization standard and higher level titles  replace lower titles.  Titles are displayed in the following order: 


The prefix order will be: Hunting Retreiver,  Best In  Show/Specialty, Championship 

The suffix order is a little more challenging as the opportunities for earning titles continue to grow.  At this time we have it broken into three fields.The first is the traditional titles from the main registries – Obedience, Hunt Test, Agility.  The next is AWSC titles – Working Certificates, Awards.  The last is everything else. 

A CGC title will be moved to end of the suffix title string when a dog has earned more advanced performance titles.  

For AWS earning titles in the same activity from multiple organizations, the highest earned titles will be listed first.

For those superstar AWS earning titles in multiple levels and activities, we’ll follow these conventions as closely as possible, but output display options can be limiting, so it may get messy.  

Other Shorthand

FDNN – Foundation Dog No Number

NR – Not Registered

SR – Self Reported

RbP – Results by Parentage

CbP – Clear by Parentage

OFA scores are converted to the following grades

Hips – Excl, Good, Fair, Bord, Mild, Mod, Sev

DM – Norm, Car, AtRisk . 

DM: Off+ The sire and dam of At Risk dogs that do not have test results.

The database offers advanced marking of records that has not been implemented yet.  Contact us with your suggestions of how we might best use this feature.   

Health Clearances

Health testing and certifications are true to the best of our knowledge.  Please report any errors and corrections to [email protected] as soon as they are discovered.

Other Questions?

Let us know!  [email protected]

When available, photos are included on our online pedigrees. The pictures have been collected from a variety of sources over the course of several years. Every effort has been made to ensure they are accurate, but brown dogs are brown, we apologize in advance for any mislabeling. Please report any errors and corrections to [email protected] as soon as they are discovered.

Our data is sourced from publicly available national dog registries/studbooks, catalogs, and databases. We have attempted to maintain the integrity of the information in this database by requiring official documentation via registries and health databases when available.  Other sources include printed media and information provided by owners and breeders.  

PAWS Data contains more information that is available through this online program.  Programming and layout parameters limit our abilities at this time.  We are continually working on ways to provide as much information as possible to our registered users.

Data contained within the ‘Sconnie Brown Dogs PAWS Database is not to be collected, or harvested by any automated/mechanical method including but not limited to robots and spiders. Use of this site is for the personal use of  American Water Spaniel Breeders and Fanciers to view pedigree information. It is possible for anyone to create a database with available resources.  The owner or breeder of a dog does not have the exclusive right to decide whether the publicly available information of his/her dog can be added to an independently created database.  Unauthorized use of the data stored on SconnieBrownDogs / PAWS Database for financial/commercial gain directly or indirectly, is prohibited. 

By using this service you signify that you have read the above disclaimer and agree you will not hold ‘Sconnie Brown Dogs liable or responsible for any incorrect information contained in the database.

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